Thinking about Therapy? In Portland?

Life, let alone Portland, is never always sunny. It can be gray and dreary. It can be depressing. It can be full of anxiety and uncertainty. It can become hopeless even. Maybe you have tried medications. Maybe you have tried talking to your friends or family. Even strangers on the bus, perhaps. Talking to a professional counselor is different. Talking to a counselor gives focus to your experience and what is potentially acting as a roadblock to fulfillment and happier days.

People come to therapy for hundreds of different reasons—and that is great–but one of the goals at Therapy is Dandy! is to celebrate the positive decision of seeking out help when needed, when any one of us has the kind of day that requires an umbrella.

Behind the confidential doors of the counseling session, therapy can be challenging, sad, infuriating, perplexing and astonishing. But the choice to decide to talk to a professional counselor is a fantastic step, a step that may lead to growth and opportunity, and certainly awareness and change—all things that I think are, you guessed it, dandy!

Whether you are seeking individual or couples counseling, whether your concerns are about depression, anxiety, substance abuse, personal identity, family of origin troubles, grief or loss, or just the day to day stress of living in this world, I would like to hear more about what is going on with you, and offer my support.

Feel free to fill out the form below if you would like an appointment or to get in touch, and I will get back to you right away.