Thinking about Therapy? In Portland?

Counseling is a remarkably difficult activity to talk about. Remember I said that here at the beginning.

Counseling is a choice for starters. Events may happen that cause you to look up counselors on the internet in your area, but it is still a choice. Burying your head in the sand and wishing that whatever is going on would disappear is also a choice. It can be scary either way. It’s normal to feel a little weird about it.

I still do.

It is also the sort of choice that can bring about discomfort, disconcerting ambivalence, intense emotions and uncertainty. That you are paying the privilege to have. Counseling can also give meaning, clarity and acceptance to the best and the worst of your entire life. It can heal. It can lead to growth, peaceful acceptance and greater self-awareness.

You can learn how to be a compassionate ninja of kindness. If that is your thing.

The longer I am a counselor the more and less I want to say about it, actually. That sounds confusing, doesn’t it? But I am going to give it a try. For one thing it is something one must experience before being able to intelligently speak about it. It is dynamic that way. On a number of levels, emotions and connections can show up that one could not necessarily predict or understand simply by talking about it with a close friend.

Counseling is both getting a better handle on who you are and adaptation.

Adaptation is the key to survival after all. And in this world, there is so much to adapt to. It is important to seek out support when either you or the adapting part is having a difficult time of it.

And the only question from there is simple: do you want to reject what’s happening to you or are you willing to work with it?

If you answered the latter, fill out the form below and we can get to work on it together. Because that’s the other truly important thing about counseling: you are not going to be alone. It may feel that way at first. And building trust is very important in counseling. But counseling can actually make it easier for you to know how to support yourself. For those times when you truly are alone.

Counseling is well worth your time. And you deserve it.