Read these other articles someone else wrote.

If you are anything like me and when summer finally arrives in the Pacific Northwest right around Independence Day with a disappointing amount of humidity and requisite stickiness, you seek the solace of air conditioned spaces and quietly contemplate how your ancestors survived a single summer without 8000 BTU’s of freon cooled air circulating through your office and/or bedroom.

Which is a complicated way of saying the summer always makes me feel lazy.

So, after finding these two articles this week on the web, I can’t think of a way to write a better blog, so for god’s sake read these instead.

Take your pick:

Fantastic article all about sex.

Fantastic article all about being stupid when we think we are being smart.

Not to say that either subject is mutually exclusive.


And you’re welcome.

Next time: my explanation for why almost every contemporary book written about therapy or self-help has a chapter on mindfulness and/or meditation. Tip: it’s not why you might think. Intrigued? Stay tuned for next week then.

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