End of 2013 blog

I know: I have a backlog of blogs–believe me. I was so excited for such a long period of time to talk about confronting everyone and everybody in your life; it was practically fermenting in my brain all month long, but as I finally sit down to write something for this month, all I want to write is something quite different.

Even when things are good, life has no shortage of pain and tribulations. We all make mistakes. We all have bad days, make bad decisions, live with unhappy choices.

If the holidays are overwhelming, or stressful, or shitty, then maybe just focus on forgiving yourself. The other guy can wait. Work on yourself first. That’s a kind of selfishness this world could actually benefit from.

We are all human. And none of us are perfect. And none of us are without pain.

And don’t just stop with being gentle to yourself: be gentle with each other. Lead with that example. That’s all.

See you in January.

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