Snow Day

The Gods of Winter were angry this year. Even in mostly temperate Portland, the city shut down for a couple days because the snow piled up so fast the city’s work crews couldn’t plow away the snow fast enough.

My office got snowed out for a couple days too and hence ended up as a blog that has taken me far too long to write. There is a very obvious reason for the delay.

What I learned or re-remembered on my Snow Day(s) of 2014:

We all work too much, and routine after bloody routine is just as detrimental to positive mental health as no social support, unchecked negative self talk, not enough exercise, or too much refined sugar.

Having fun as an adult shouldn’t have to happen by “accident” or mother nature getting all Game of Thrones on our ass with “Winter is Coming.”

If there is a voice in your head telling you that you’re lazy (or whatever negative label pops up) for slowing down, the problem is not with you, but that voice.

The reliance on automobiles and the development of cities around automobiles is ugly and dehumanizing. One of the best things about snow is it covers up all the ugly. And when there are less cars on the road, it is just easier to be a person—and not a pedestrian who gets in the way of a distracted driver going too fast.

A full and rewarding day can be quite simple.

Now, before I become even more self-congratulatory, I will say this: too many snow days in a row become their own kind of problem.

For example:

Eating Almond Roca for breakfast is not a sustainable kind of behavior.

All those layers of clothing are eventually going into the laundry machine. Sigh.

The snow melted away though, and eventually the city returned to normal. But the impact of being forced to slow down for several days hasn’t left me. It really helped draw attention to how fast we make ourselves think when we are moving around so quickly. I think that awareness is important not to lose.

So every now and then, give yourself a snow day or two. Just remember: if you are eating more chocolate than any other food group, you have gone too far.

I am not sure what the next blog is going to be about. I am busier than I have ever been, so I am adjusting to that, but I do miss writing every week. I have an idea to write more about what I am calling emotionally camouflaged language. It is something we all can get better at detecting. But maybe I should ask you–what should I blog about next?

Happy almost Spring.

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2 Responses to Snow Day

  1. Sarah M. says:

    I think it was around 9-12 months ago that I stumbled upon your blog. I have truly enjoyed all of your posts, and always look forward to the next one. I don’t have any particular topic request, but wanted to let you know that I’ve missed your posts. I really like your writing style/voice. I am definitely interested in hearing more about emotionally camouflaged language.

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