Articles for your consideration. February 2018


Here are a couple articles I think are thought provoking and have nothing to do with each other. Unless you want to argue how our government is failing at being a representative democracy–shocking suggestion, right?

First up is a very good video courtesy of Samatha Bee on Guns in America and gun violence.

Here it is.

The second, perhaps a treat for longtime  readers, is a list of criteria for Narcissistic Personality Disorder. I dare you to read this article and to try not to think of Donald Trump. For every single criteria.

Here that is.

Next post will be original content. And should be up in a week or 2. After hearing feedback about the topics of vulnerability, awareness, and self care, I think I can offer some specific stages to consider in our own journey of self compassion and acceptance.

Will be sharing with you all in a couple weeks.

Take care,



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