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Emotionally Camouflaged Language: Confidence

When I started writing this entry a long while ago, what I was most inspired by was this clip that was on The Daily Show during the Winter Olympics in Sochi. It is probably not something you can play out loud at … Continue reading

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Lying to avoid Death (and Seinfeld).

So if little white lies are what polite society is based on, and fear keeps us from being brutally honest in relationships, what keeps us lying to ourselves? The answer, in this third of a three part discussion on lying, … Continue reading

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Relationships and the Truth (Bomb).

Can you have both or is it an either/or sort of proposition? I know I suggested lying to oneself as the next segment, but in peeling back the layers of this subject, relationships came up before the actual self—the self … Continue reading

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Everyone lies and so should you.

I mean it. Certainly the first part. Most everyone remembers the Seinfeld episode with the really ugly baby. It was what Jerry called a “must lie situation.” What the show demonstrates is that everyone acknowledges the importance of social lying. … Continue reading

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