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I read boring psychology textbooks so you don’t have to.

I mean it. It is perhaps the one part of me that is aligned with the Buddha: my wish to prevent other people’s suffering. Unfortunately I am a therapist so other people’s suffering is something I really can’t avoid. So. … Continue reading

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I suppose the preparation for this started sometime in graduate school. Someone in a lecture that I have no clear memory of said something like, “The longer one is a counselor, the chances of having a current client commit suicide … Continue reading

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Mindfulness or Else.

So you have been reading blogs about therapy, or you have a new book on relationships or PTSD or family of origin concerns, and you are enjoying it for the most part. Then somewhere in the book or blog you … Continue reading

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The Therapy is Dandy Guidebook to having a Narcissist for a Parent. Chapter 3.

An ongoing survival guide. Chapter 3-Pyrrhic Victories. If there is one underlying emotional truth for what an adult child of a narcissistic parent feels in relation to that parent it is this: A shallow surface level, one-sided, difficult relationship exists … Continue reading

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