Why therapy? It’s a fair question.

If you are the kind of person who still goes to book stores, you can find aisles full of self help books, celebrities and people-who-think-they-are-celebrities offering all kinds of amazing, life changing strategies in less than 300 pages. You have sincere insincere con artists—the new snake oil salesmen—who get rich selling books like The Secret to Oprah and millions of other people.

If you haven’t bought a book since Harry Potter left Hogwarts, you still have options. There is no stopping the ancient art of astrology and the like for interpreting the heavens for clues and signs regarding our lives and destinies. You got Dear Abby, Dan Savage, and an entire internet to choose from for unasked for, unwarranted advice.

The market is very, very full of answers.

Therapy is completely user friendly. It is the time for yourself and that you usually don’t have time for. It is built, rebuilt and remains a completely self-made, do-it-yourself time for yourself. No other purchase is required.

I practice a form of psychotherapy known as Gestalt. Gestalt emphasizes the relationship between client and therapist, and the ongoing dialogue generated between the two. From that dialogue comes an endless variety of experimentation and investigation.

Gestalt, then, is about process.

I do not offer cookie cutter solutions because my experience shows that they do not work. Not for long, anyway. If change is what you are after, then time to work on process is what is most needed.

I can’t promise to give you answers in therapy. That’s for the snake oil salesmen, and the con artists.

I do guarantee you the time and the respect for process so that you can discover the answers for yourself.

Send me an email or call and we can talk more about it.

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2 Responses to Why therapy? It’s a fair question.

  1. The market …?

    I remember gestalt having a philosophical and critical political dimension.
    They are moments, when I think the best idea sprouts can turn into strange plants.

  2. The self help market.

    Gestalt does have deep roots in both philosophy–the phenomological aspect, and physics–the figure/ground concept.

    Thanks for reading!

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