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The Therapy is Dandy Guidebook to having a Narcissist for a Parent. Chapter 8.

An ongoing survival guide. Chapter 8. Take the Test. There isn’t an adult child of a narcissist who hasn’t asked themselves the question once or twice. Am I also a narcissist? Because despite no longer living in caves or mud … Continue reading

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Suicide II

There’s a reason newspapers don’t report the details of suicides. It is irrational, superstitious, bizarre, but also one hundred percent completely true. Suicide is contagious. Like cooties. But lethal. The hard to accept truth is that when suicides have been … Continue reading

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You talking to me?

The scene and the reference are obvious to anyone who has been drawing breath for the last 35 years. Given how many times I have seen Taxi Driver, I watch that scene and I consider the dialogue as symptomatic of … Continue reading

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Therapy and Thanksgiving

I know I am a week late. Blame the tryptophan. The holidays are here and with them come all the different family melodramas that you may or may not be ready to accept. For many adults the holidays can feel … Continue reading

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